1. Blackberries
  2. Love Machine
    Düsseldorf, Germany
  3. Suzan Köcher
  4. Botticelli Baby
    NRW, Germany
  5. The Mañana People
    Bonn, Germany
  6. Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys
    Berlin, Germany
  7. Kenneth Minor
    Wiesbaden, Germany
  8. Dux Louie
    Heidelberg, Germany
  9. Neumatic Parlo
    Düsseldorf, Germany
  10. Fooks Nihil
    Wiesbaden, Germany
  11. The Frank Popp Ensemble
    Berlin, Germany


Unique Records Düsseldorf, Germany

Unique Records is a label focused on the development of quality songs and songwriters in (mainly but not exclusively) Soul, Funk, Psychedelia & Kraut Rock. Unique Records was founded by DJ Henry Storch in 1988 as a home for by that time more than 15 years ago - Garage, Thrash and 60s flavoured Beat. ... more

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