1. Blackberries
    Cologne, Germany
    Düsseldorf, Germany
  3. Suzan Köcher
    Solingen, Germany
  4. Botticelli Baby
    NRW, Germany
  5. The Mañana People
    Bonn, Germany
  6. Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys
    Berlin, Germany
  7. Kenneth Minor
    Wiesbaden, Germany
  8. Dux Louie
    Heidelberg, Germany
  9. Neumatic Parlo
    Düsseldorf, Germany


Unique Records Düsseldorf, Germany

Unique Records is a label focused on the development of quality songs and songwriters in (mainly but not exclusively) Soul, Funk, Psychedelia & Kraut Rock. Unique Records was founded by DJ Henry Storch in 1988 as a home for by that time more than 15 years ago - Garage, Thrash and 60s flavoured Beat. ... more

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